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About Danish Export Association

Danish Export Association represents suppliers within 12 key industries consisting of manufacturers, consultants and service providers. Representing +600 of Denmark's export market leaders, Danish Export Association offers an excellent platform for you to locate new business partners.

Since its foundation in 1965, Danish Export Association has provided an unrivalled platform for quality-conscious Danish manufacturers and service providers to interface with their foreign customers and partners.

We are the largest export association in Denmark with +600 suppliers, making it an excellent platform to locate new business partners.

Your shortcut to Danish suppliers
The association provides a reliable and easy shortcut to quality-conscious Danish companies.
You are welcome to provide us with details of your requirements in terms of expertise, capacity and know-how, or search our databases and website online to find the company with the resources, products and quality you need.

We are digital
Covid-19 increased the necessity for companies to be up to date with their digital presence. We offer our supplier companies guides and inspiration to establishing and optimising their digital export sales, and we continously offer activities, webinars and other inspirational offers to ensure their digital development. As a result, you can meet our suppliers at relevant online events, trade fairs, conferences etc. 

Our work
Danish Export Association operates by planning and executing export campaigns, often linked to international trade fairs and exhibitions, and by providing a forum for Danish exporters and foreign buyers. Danish Export Association is a first mover and supports suppliers with relevant, competent and updated knowledge and activities.

The association and its affiliated suppliers are based in Silkeborg, supplemented by a local office in Copenhagen as well as a Chinese representative office in Shanghai.

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Meet our suppliers here

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