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World leading suppliers to the aquaculture industry
Danish suppliers to the aquaculture are industry world-leading when it comes to solutions and technology for e.g. RAS - fish farms/land-based facilities. Water quality monitoring, and water cleaning and purification also lies within the Danish core competences. The Danish solutions for the industry in short cover the entire value chain within the aquaculture industry including solutions for handling of by-products for optimization of the use of the raw material. 

Energy efficient fishing equipment and technology with low operating cost 
For the international fisheries industry you will find Danish suppliers and service providers with many years of expertise and experience. The expertise of Danish suppliers within fishing equipment and technology draw from a long Danish tradition of fishery, and the fishing industry remains one of Denmark’s most important industries. The suppliers excel in environmentally friendly and efficient solutions, covering e.g. trawl doors, winches, ship engines, trawls, propellers, maintenance products and much more, allowing ship owners and operators lowering operating and maintenance costs as well as reducing their environmental footprints.

Processing equipment & technology with focus on optimization, hygiene and food safety
Danish technology and solutions for fish/seafood processing both on-board and on-land suppliers have been developed over years of a strong Danish tradition of high quality food production with strong requirements to hygiene and food safety. This has lead to constant developments in the field with solutions for optimization and automation of fish/seafood processing to a maximum.

The Danish suppliers develop and offer state-of-the-art solutions, e.g. within vacuum removal of fish guts, slaughtering, fileting, automatic shrimp peeling, food safe transport band solutions, speedy freezing, automatic de-boning, weighing and size sorting.