Now open! Swedish Danish Subcontractor Days

Do you want to have exclusive access to the Danish subcontractors? In collaboration with Elmia Subcontractor, Danish Export Association will host a virtual event where Swedish and Danish subcontractors can meet.





Online - On-demand


Free of charge to visit
Sign-up required - see details below

The event is now on-demand

  • In the on-demand mode, you can still register to visit the event for free. 

    The livechat features has now changed to contact forms, so you can get in touch with the companies by sending them an e-mail. Everything else is still open to visit!

    Click here to register.

Now you have the opportunity to talk to the Danish subcontractors from the comfort of your own home/office for no cost. There is no need for you to travel or stay overnight at a hotel.  

On January 21st we open the doors to the first virtual Swedish Danish Subcontractor Days. In these new times of Covid-19 we must think in ways to be together while being apart. This virtual event gives you the platform to interact with the companies and other participants through your screen. It is the closest thing to a physical event directly from your computer screen.

Why participate in the event:

  • Get exclusive access to the Danish subcontractors and the newest solutions while the event is live and 30 days after on demand – all in the comfort of your computer.
  • You support the local Scandinavian market.
  • Keynotes from industry leaders.
  • Flexibility: You can freely choose which parts of the event you want to visit – regardless whether it is within the live version or the on-demand version.
  • Green Solution – you save the environment by joining virtually.

Participating companies:

  • A Tech Supply ApS
    Plastics, Injection moulding, Micro injection moulding, Injection moulding tools, Micro injection moulding tools, Prototypes, Rapid Prototyping, Quick Mould insert tools
    3D print, DFM – Design for manufactoring
  • Arepa Danmark A/S
    Renovering av teknisk utrustning, Katastrofinsatser, Återställning vid skada, Förebyggande underhåll, Katastrofåterställning
  • Athco-Engineering A/S
    Heat recovery, customized heat exchangers, pressurized equipment
  • Carsten Holm A/S
    Tätningar, o-ringar, radialtätningar, hydrauliktätningar, Svarvade tätningar, seals
  • Concens A/S
    Customized Inline Linear actuators, Motors, Power supplies and Electromechanics
  • Dansk Sintermetal A/S
    Små och stora mängder, Pulverkompaktering, Sintring, Metallkomponenter 0,3g – 3 kg, Metallfilter
  • Hagens Spring Group
    Compression springs, Extension springs, Torsion springs, Pickup springs, Die springs, Disc springs, Gas springs, Harvester Tines, Lock rings, Wire components, Clips, Splitter, Pins
  • NSM A/S
    Complex metal cutting in stainless steel and Heat resistant super alloys such as Hastelloy, Super Duplex, Titanium and Inconel
  • Sv. Kofoeds Maskinfabrik A/S
    Press tools for tablets, Mass production of various parts, Shafts, Hubs, Bolts, Gear parts

How does it work?

You need to sign up to join the event. When you sign up, you will receive a login to the event. When the event goes live, you will enter the Welcome Area. Here you can navigate through the entire event.

  • What you'll find at the event:

    • Keynote Area
      – where you can see the keynotes
    • Solutions Area
      - see the different solutions from the Danish Subcontractors
    • Organizer Area
      – live chat with the organizers and get answers to your questions
    • Network Area
      – live group chat with all participants that are online
    • Company Area
      – visit and interact live with the companies

After the live event has ended, you will have access to the event for 30 days.

How to sign up

Sign up on our registration page by clicking the button below. The event is free to attend for all visitors.